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Gentle Foam 150mL



Facial cleanser for the improvement and optimization of the results of MELINEĀ® treatments.

Indications - Facial cleansing

Active Ingredients - Combination of essential minerals and Organic anions - Dexpanthenol- Bisabolol.

Mode of Action - It reinforces cell-to-cell communication, thereby preparing intercellular spaces to improve the penetration of the active ingredients. Furthermore, it has a chrono-energizing effect, reduces glycation and oxidative processes, thus contributing to establish the first steps to control the biochemical reactions that may stimulate the melanocyte.

Treatment Protocol - Use before any professional or at-home skin care treatments.

Application Protocol - Moisten the skin with lukewarm water and apply a small amount of product, massage for some minutes and rinse off.

USE - Professional and patient
ZONE - Face
CONTAINER - Dispenser
DOSE -150 ml. 5,07 oz

SKU: 10000-102 TAG: Pigmentation Control

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